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Our Specialties

Strategic planning begins by selecting specialists in your industry. Truster Zweig Raithatha’s team of Chartered Professional Accountants are experienced in a full range of industry specializations, allowing our clients to rest easy knowing that the business and tax advice they receive will be tailored to both their company and industry setting. Search our specialization listing below and get connected.


Automobile Dealerships
Today’s auto dealerships face a range of business issues. At Truster Zweig Raithatha, we understand the business, technological and operational sides of the industry, so we can help clients manage their full range of accounting challenges. From managing cost pressures to implementing business systems to tax structuring, we can help you build the accounting strategy you need to take your automotive business successfully into the future.

As with most industries, automotive dealerships are dealing with a challenging, changing marketplace. We’ll work with you to make sure accounting becomes a business asset, not another business issue.

With today’s volatile market, construction companies are dealing not only with a tight economy, seasonal parameters and narrow margins, but also with a constantly shifting and complex market. Succeeding and competing in this environment, especially given the capital-intensive nature of the industry, is becoming more and more challenging. Truster Zweig Raithatha offers a range of services designed to help you navigate the roughest business waters.

Our advice covers your tax and accounting needs, but with our deep construction experience, we also help clients strategize for the future, no matter what market pressures and economic factors they may face.

Franchisors & Franchisees
Working with large franchisors and numerous franchisees, Truster Zweig Raithatha understands the business dynamic in a franchisor-franchisee relationship which enables us to tailor tax, accounting and advisory services to your specific situation.

Our professionals work seamlessly with our law firm affiliates that specialize in the franchising space, which may prove useful whether you are looking to newly franchise your business or address issues in your existing franchise operations.

Hospitality & Entertainment
Whether you are operating a family-owned restaurant or motel, or a portfolio of luxury hotels, you understand that the hospitality and entertainment industry is highly competitive and sensitive to government regulations and the global economy.

At Truster Zweig Raithatha, our professionals specialize in providing tax, accounting and advisory services to businesses in the hospitality and entertainment industry located in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. We understand the importance of positioning your business to be able to withstand economic downturns and at the same capitalize on opportunities during upswings.

Investment Companies
Accounting for your investments can be tough. At Truster Zweig Raithatha, we want to ensure not only that you do not get stuck with unexpected tax bills from your investments, but that you understand your investments and the after-tax wealth that they represent.
Law Firms
Being a professional services firm ourselves, we can relate to the business and tax issues faced by lawyers. At Truster Zweig Raithatha, we have decades of experience in providing accounting, tax, and advisory services to law firms ranging in size from a few lawyers to close to two-hundred lawyers and support staff, as well as to self-employed lawyers and lawyer employees.

Common law firm structures include corporate structures, partnership structures and multi-partnership structures. We carefully design structures to minimize the overall tax burden of your family units.

Manufacturing is one of the fastest changing industries around and is facing some of the most significant business obstacles. The changing regulatory and tax landscape, along with cost pressure and globalization, have made it a real challenge for companies to meet their financial goals and expectations. Truster Zweig Raithatha gets it—and we have the specialists in manufacturing accounting to help you get past it.

We work with clients to provide the tax, accounting and consulting services they need to compete and grow in a volatile business environment where capital is tight and competition fierce.

Medical Professionals

Truster Zweig Raithatha specializes in providing tax, accounting and advisory services to medical doctors and dentists, relying on over 50 years of experience working with them. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of the medical industry’s unique needs and business pressures.

Today’s laws make it disproportionately challenging for medical professionals to undertake tax planning such as income splitting. Our accounting team works seamlessly with TZR TaxTM, our boutique tax consulting arm, to routinely design sophisticated tax strategies for medical professionals that help maximize the after-tax return on your hard-earned dollars.

Mortgage Professionals & MICs
We have extensive experience providing tax, accounting and advisory services to Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs), mortgage administrators, mortgages brokerages, and mortgage agents.

Truster Zweig Raithatha understands the regulatory landscape and financial aspects of the mortgage industry, allowing us to perform efficient audits and tailor tax and business advice for mortgage professionals and their families.

Not-For-Profit & Public Sector
At Truster Zweig Raithatha , we understand that the not-for-profit and public sectors are different and face their own business, accounting and operational challenges. They answer to contributors, governance bodies and the public, not shareholders, but still face challenges around driving financial, accounting and tax efficiencies. Our not-for-profit and public sector specialists understand those unique fiscal responsibilities and help our clients to manage them while successfully accomplishing their mandates.

Our not-for-profit and public sector clients include:

  • Government organization, agencies and ministries
  • Associations
  • Charities
  • Environmental agencies
  • Foundations
  • Educational institutions
  • Religious organizations

For our not-for-profit and public sector clients, their mandate is their raison d’être. Accounting, tax and compliance issues shouldn’t be an impediment, and we are fully committed to making that an organizational reality.

Real Estate
Working with clients who built their wealth in the real estate industry and those seeking to invest their wealth generated elsewhere, we understand that real estate is a major component of many successful enterprises. It is always difficult to predict the future of real estate markets, but, with our tax and accounting specialists on the job, clients can predict that industry knowledge, comprehensive services and a hands-on approach will be at the heart of the relationship.

At Truster Zweig Raithatha, we specialize in tax planning, accounting and advisory services for all areas of real estate including residential and commercial real estate development, real estate investment, apartment buildings, hotels, condominium projects, retirement homes, and U.S. real estate investment. Common real estate tax structures include corporate real estate structures, partnership real estate structures, joint venture real estate structures, and frequently involve the use of family trusts.

Realty Agents & Brokerages
Truster Zweig Raithatha specializes in providing tax, accounting and advisory services to self-employed real estate agents and real estate brokerages. Recognizing the demands of the fast-paced real estate industry, our focus is to remove from your plate the burden associated with structuring and maintaining your financial affairs.

Leave it to our team of professionals to take care of what we do, whether it’s assessing what is tax deductible, establishing processes to manage your books efficiently, determining when to incorporate and handling that entire process, or strategizing on how to further minimize tax after you are up and running smoothly.

Retail & Distribution
The speed with which cash flows through retail businesses is unmatched by any other industry. The systems are complex and the flow of data enormous and non-stop. In this environment, retail companies require a full range of accounting services to ensure their books are strong and systems properly managed. Truster Zweig Raithatha understands the many challenges our retail clients face in order to stay profitable, competitive, growth-focused and compliant.

Our people have a broad range of expertise that covers many retail specializations and every aspect of retail accounting and tax.

Today’s customer can shop anywhere on earth. We want to help ensure they shop with our clients, by helping our clients adapt to the evolving marketplace and ensuring their business systems and data are properly managed and leveraged to make that happen.

Technology & Life Sciences
Rapid innovation and effective adaptation are the life blood of the technology and life sciences sectors. The challenge is to stay in front of the competition—developing and bringing new products to market—while dealing with a range of funding, financing and regulatory issues. At Truster Zweig Raithatha, we understand how difficult it can be to stay focused on the future while ensuring the business exigencies of today don’t hold you back. Our accounting specialists work in the areas of:

  • Information technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Diagnostics
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Digital health

Nothing is evolving as rapidly as technology development and research. Our accounting, tax and advisory team can help make sure your business evolves along with it.

Trusts & Estates
Estate planning and trust management are extremely challenging in the current tax and reporting environment, which continues to change and is difficult to predict. It’s critical that estate planning is properly managed and trusts properly administered if they are to have the effect desired by those who put them in motion. At Truster Zweig Raithatha, we have deep experience with accounting for business succession and working to maximize the financial legacy for estate and trust beneficiaries.

Above all, estates and trusts are a collaborative process. We will work in close conjunction with family members, as well as legal and personal representatives, to develop a plan and structure—including preparing all necessary tax returns—that minimizes estate taxes and takes the plan to its desired conclusion.