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In the face of swiftly-changing government regulations, reporting standards and financial requirements, you need an accounting firm you can trust. At Truster Zweig Raithatha, our clients rely on our ability to tailor accounting and assurance services for your business and industry setting.

Our seasoned team of Chartered Professional Accountants work diligently during the course of an engagement to identify potential issues and planning opportunities. We then review those findings with you so that we can assist in formulating the optimal strategy for your business. Our accounting team works seamlessly with TZR TaxTM to ensure that the after-tax value of your enterprise is maximized.

Our Accounting services

Compilations / Notice to Reader Engagements

A notice-to-reader engagement represents the most basic form of accounting services provided to clients. Financial statements are simply prepared based on the financial information provided to us by the client and there is no level of assurance provided. They are most commonly prepared for owner-managers in order for them to review their financial information in a financial statement form and for income tax purposes.

Review Engagements

A review engagement consists of the use of analytical procedures along with inquiry and discussions with management in order to assess the plausibility of the financial statements. A review engagement provides valuable insight into your financial information and is often used to satisfy lenders by providing them with a sufficient level of assurance in order to either obtain or maintain credit facilities.

Audit Engagements

An audit engagement provides the highest level of assurance for your financial statements. An audit consists of a complete evaluation of your system’s internal controls combined with a thorough examination of account balances through analytical procedures, confirmation of account balances with third parties, an inspection of documents, observations of assets, and inquiries and discussions with management in order to ensure the financial statements are fairly stated. Audited financial statements are commonly required due to statutory requirements or as a request from a third party such as a lending institution.

Financial Statements Preparation
Financial statements are used to report your financial information to a wide array of users, including shareholders, lenders, creditors, and the government. The level of assurance provided on a set of financial statements vary by the type of engagement required by the users. The most common engagements include compilations, review engagements, and audit engagements and can be reported under various accounting standards. The most frequently used standards include Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
Future-Oriented Financial Statements

A future-oriented financial statement is a forecast of the company’s future performance based on assumptions provided by management that reflect the entity’s planned course of action. Lenders and prospective buyers commonly use future-oriented financial statements to determine the future outlook of a company.

Special Engagements and Special Reporting
A special purpose engagement or report usually involves reporting on financial information based on applied criteria that are either mandated by regulation or legislation or are developed by management. They are most commonly used by lenders and government institutions.

We also include all types of specialty requests and services. Contact us with your direct request and we will work to accommodate your needs.